Leverage Life is now ACI Leverage Concierge

Leverage Life is now ACI Leverage Concierge

ACI Specialty Benefits ensures ALL Leverage benefit features remain the same:

  • SAME work/life services (and more!)
  • SAME online concierge center
  • SAME discount programs (and more!)
  • SAME customized programs
  • SAME quick turnaround time
  • SAME commitment to customer service

As a Top Ten EAP and global provider of employee assistance, student assistance, work/life, concierge and wellness programs, ACI Specialty Benefits offers Leverage clients enhanced benefits:

  • Broader service coverage: ALL family members covered, in the same state or not
  • Expanded resources: ACI has more than tripled Leverage staff and built a state-of-the-art work/life database
  • Eco-friendly: Referrals delivered by email for convenient access and storage
  • Affinity Quarterly: Latest topics and trends covered in electronic work/life newsletter

“ACI Specialty Benefits is known for customization, customer service and creativity with work/life solutions that help organizations reduce unnecessary financial losses, strengthen retention and recruitment strategies, boost personal and organizational productivity, and ultimately improve the quality of life for today’s workforce,”

Dr. Ann D. Clark
Founder and CEO of ACI Specialty Benefits

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